Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Most frequently asked questions

Can I switch to Japanese voiceover?
Yes, you can switch between Japanese and English voiceover. For this, go to the EXTRA menu. Watch the video here.

Who can I recruit and who not?
You can find Fire Emblem: Three Houses character recruitment guide here.

Can you recruit multiple students from the same house?

How many characters you can recruit?
Sorry, I have no idea. But I can confirm that you can recruit at least 16 characters and probably even more.

Can I recruit Flayn?
She joins your house after one specific story mission.

Can I recruit Hilda Valentine Goneril?
Yes, later in the game you can recruit her. You need Cha and Axe.

Can I recruit Ingrid?
Yes, you can recruit her. You need Dex and Flying.

Who I can’t recruit?
House leaders – Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude. Example: If you choose Black Eagles you will have Edelgard, but you can’t recruit Dimitri or Claude. If you choose Golden Deer, you will have Claude, but you can’t recruit Edelgard or Dimitri.

How many save files can you have?
5 + 1 autosave

What do you need to recruit Sylvain?
Charisma & Reason

What do you need to recruit Ashe?
Charisma & Lance

Does Byleth have S-level support for all characters?
No, but most of the characters

Do other characters have S-level support with each other?
No, A is the maximum they can achieve.

Can you keep the Black Eagle characters on both paths?
No, you can’t. Depending on your decision, some of them will become your enemies.

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