Massive Entertainment’s Star Wars Game Set for Early 2024 Release

The renowned game publisher Ubisoft is facing significant setbacks and financial losses. With a series of cancelled games adding to their troubles, Ubisoft is...


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Everything announced in Sony’s PlayStation Showcase

PlayStation Showcase delivered tantalizing first looks at all-new games in development and updates on upcoming titles by PlayStation Studios and third-party friends. With the...



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Take-Two Interactive CEO Supports Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard Amidst Regulatory Scrutiny

The gaming industry has been abuzz with anticipation as Microsoft's bid to acquire Activision Blizzard continues to undergo scrutiny by regulators. As the deal...

Unleashing Mortal Kombat 1: Prepare for a Reimagined Universe and Intense Battles!

The Mortal Kombat Universe is Reborn, Set in a New Story with Iconic Heroes and Villains Reimagined as They’ve Never Been Seen Before. Pre-Order...

Achieve Perfectly Crispy Chicken Thighs: The Secret Technique You Need to Try

Cooking chicken thighs to perfection can be a challenge, especially when aiming for that coveted bronze golden skin without any burn marks. Fortunately, there's...



Nintendo Entertainment System – March Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

On March 13, classics Kid Icarus and StarTropics join dozens of other NES games as part of the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch...

Borderlands 3 is finally official and got it’s first trailer

Borderlands fans have been waiting for the new Borderlands game for years. Finally, after all these years, rumors and teasers, Gearbox finally confirmed...

Astral Chain Gets First Piece of Key Artwork

New key artwork for Astral Chain, the upcoming action game for Nintendo Switch, has surfaced on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. Astral Chain is due out for Switch...

Anthem Inscriptions

Anthem is one of the most broken games that I've seen in recent years. All these crashes, connection errors, broken animations, missing missions, issues...

Easter food

Easter is coming and it's time to figure out what to eat during Easter period. And of course, I'm discussing it with my...