Fire Emblem: Three Houses character recruitment guide

Once you’ve chosen your house, you’ll have access to characters from that house you chose. But that’s not all, you can also recruit students from other houses and other characters, with a few exceptions – you can’t recruit the house leaders. And some characters will only be recruited once you reach a certain point in the game and you’ve got a better support level.

If you want to recruit other students, I suggest to use your free time at the monastery to explore, chat with them, return their lost items to them and give them gifts. That way you will build better support level and you will have a better idea of who you want to recruit and what you need to do.

Three things are needed to recruit someone: specific skill level, specific stats and better support level between you and the one you want to recruit.

AnetteMAG & FAITHBlue Lions
AsheCHA & LANCEBlue Lions
BernadettaSTR & BOWBlack Eagles
CasparSTR & BRAWLBlack Eagles
DedueSTR & AXEBlue Lions
DorotheaCHA & AUTHORITYBlack Eagles
FelixSPD & SWORDBlue Lions
FerdinandDEX & HEAVY ARMORBlack Eagles
HildaCHA & AXEGolden Deer
Hubertonly Black Eagles*Black Eagles
IgnatzDEX & AUTHORITY Golden Deer
IngridDEX & FLYINGBlue Lions
LeonieSTR & LANCE Golden Deer
LinhardtMAG & REASONBlack Eagles
LorenzCHA & REASON Golden Deer
LysitheaMAG & FAITHGolden Deer
MarianneMAG & RIDINGGolden Deer
MercedesMAG & BOW Blue Lions
PetraDEX & RIDINGBlack Eagles
RaphaelSTR & HEAVY ARMOR Golden Deer
SylvainCHA & REASON Blue Lions

There are other recruitable characters who you can recruit once you reach a certain point in the game, depending on the choices you make: Flayn, Shamir, Manuela, Hanneman, Seteth, Alois, Catherine, Cyril, Gilbert.

You can’t recruit: Rhea, Jeralt, Jeritza, Tomas

*It is possible that depending on the choices you make, Hubert can also be recruited later, like some other characters.

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