Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer Says Xbox Game Pass Price Increase is Inevitable

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming outlet Game Watch, Xbox Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said that a price increase for Xbox Game Pass is “inevitable” as more value is added to the subscription service.

“We always want to give you options in how you build your library,” Spencer said. “You can subscribe to Game Pass and play, or you can purchase the game. Millions of users have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, and many of them are satisfied with using it. Although the main premise is to provide more value, the price is I think it is inevitable that it will rise in the future.”

Spencer’s comments come as Xbox Game Pass continues to grow in popularity. The service currently has over 25 million subscribers, and it offers access to a library of over 100 games, including new releases and first-party titles.

Microsoft has been adding new value to Xbox Game Pass on a regular basis. In recent years, the company has added new features such as cloud gaming support for PCs and mobile devices, and it has also announced a number of new games that will be coming to the service.

While it is disappointing to hear that a price increase is inevitable, it is important to note that Xbox Game Pass is still a very good value for money. The service offers access to a huge library of games for a relatively low monthly fee.

It is also worth noting that Spencer said that any price increase would be accompanied by an addition of value to the service. This means that subscribers can expect to see even more games and features added to Xbox Game Pass in the future.

Overall, Spencer’s comments are not surprising. Xbox Game Pass is a very popular service, and it is clear that Microsoft is committed to investing in it.

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