Baldur’s Gate 3 – Should You Let Lae’Zel Enter the Zaith’Isk or Use It Yourself?

In the complex and perilous world of “Baldur’s Gate 3,” choices abound, each carrying consequences that can shape the course of your adventure. One such pivotal moment occurs in Githyanki crèche, where you need to make a decision that could significantly impact your journey through the game.

As players progress along the Mountain Pass route in the first act of “Baldur’s Gate 3,” they stumble upon a Githyanki crèche, where a crucial lead awaits regarding the removal of the insidious Illithid parasite nestled in their brains. This leads them to a mysterious device known as the Zaith’Isk, supposedly designed for extracting these parasitic intruders.

Here’s where the momentous decision arises: should you enter the purification pod yourself, or should you bestow this honor upon Lae’zel, a companion in your party? While it may appear to be a seemingly inconsequential choice, the decision you make here can have profound consequences for the remainder of your playthrough. Let’s delve into what unfolds in this encounter.

The Dilemma: Should you let Lae’zel go to Zaith’Isk?

At first glance, allowing Lae’zel to use the Zaith’Isk might seem like the natural choice. Especially considering she’s been wanting it since the beginning of the game. However, it’s not a good idea.

Once Lae’zel takes her place within the Zaith’Isk, the machine initiates a turbulent process of “purifying” her from the parasitic tadpole. Players are presented with three opportunities to help her through that process. The challenge lies in the fact that the skill checks are exceptionally demanding, 15-30.

Regardless of the outcome, Lae’zel survives the operation. Even if you choose to simply observe or goad her into proceeding, she will endure. However, the key consequence is a lasting one: Lae’zel will bear a permanent -2 penalty to all ability scores.

The Alternative: Using the Zaith’Isk Yourself

Alternatively, players can opt to use the Zaith’Isk themselves. Some players have previously claimed that if you go into the machine instead of Lae’zel, Lae’zel will disapprove of it, and your relationship with her will deteriorate. But ss you can see from the video these statements are not true. Lae’zel approved this decision, and my relationship with her improved and I got a new skill. Complete win.

If you use the machine for yourself, the same operation commences, albeit with skill checks that are somewhat more manageable. Nevertheless, failure will still result in the debuff affecting the character, so exercising caution and saving progress beforehand is advisable. But if you can pass all skill checks, you get the Awakened passive feature that lets you use all of your Illithid Powers as a bonus action.

After using Zaith’Isk

Every outcome ends in the Zaith’Isk exploding, and in the process, it turns out that this machine was indeed supposed to remove the parasite, but the host will die. But what happens next makes a bige difference.

If you can convince Ghustil Stornugoss through either Performance or Deception that the parasite is gone, she will just tell you to leave. I recommend this option.

However, if she is convinced the parasite lives on, she will leave and lock the door behind her. If you lockpick it yourself or wait until she comes back, you will come under siege by several Githyanki enemies outside of the infirmary.

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