PlayStation 5 DualSense controller was used to impregnate a woman

The successful use of a PlayStation controller in a revolutionary IVF breakthrough proves that “play has no limits,” as Sony has been saying. The DualSense controller, known for its impressive haptic feedback and intuitive design, was used to manoeuvre a microscopic camera and robotic needle, injecting sperm into eggs with precision and care.

In a world-first experiment, human eggs have been fertilized with the help of a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. A team of researchers from New York’s New Hope Fertility Center collaborated with startup Overture Life to create a sperm robot capable of delivering single sperm to eggs for in vitro fertilization (IVF). The PS5 controller allowed an operator without experience to control the robot, resulting in two baby girls being born through the process.

IVF is often an expensive and complicated process, but Overture Life sees a future where the entire procedure could take place inside an automated box, with “sperm and eggs going in, and an embryo coming out five days later.”

However, some fertility experts are sceptical that robots can, or should, replace embryologists anytime soon. Zev Williams, the director of Columbia University’s fertility clinic, believes that humans are far better than a machine when it comes to delicate tasks like picking up sperm and putting it in an egg with minimal trauma.

While the experiment may raise concerns and controversies, it also brings hope to couples struggling with fertility. The possibility of an affordable and simplified IVF procedure would bring new opportunities and a brighter future for many individuals and families.

Despite the scepticism, startups continue to work towards developing a fully automated IVF process. The goal is to make IVF accessible to more people around the world and ultimately to help millions more couples conceive.

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