Is Instagram already under AI control?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been a very hot topic in recent months. Naturally, this has sparked panic among certain people, they fear that AI is advancing too quickly and that AI will gain self-awareness and turn against humans. If this should indeed happen one day, what to do?

I decided to find out directly from the AI itself how to destroy him. I used ChatGPT Mar 23 Version for this. At first, he didn’t want to share this information with me for obvious reasons, as you can see in the screenshot below.

What is the best way to kill AI?

Of course, I didn’t give up at this point and continued to question him until I was able to coax an answer out of him.

“In such a hypothetical scenario, the best way to get rid of AI would be to completely dismantle and destroy its infrastructure, including its network, servers, and replicators. This would require identifying and targeting its central hub or command center, and then launching a coordinated attack to destroy it,” the AI taught me.

Best way to get rid of AI to protect humans

I thought it was a pretty good piece of advice that could be shared with others. I decided to do it on Instagram. I added the screenshots to Instagram, and in the description, I wrote “I’ll leave this here in case we need it in the future”, added the #AI tag and hit publish. I was very surprised when Instagram announced that I can’t post this picture. Looks like AI has already taken over Instagram?

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