Xbox doughnut “The Nexus Level” coming soon


The Xbox brand is pretty popular, you can buy Xbox fridges, shoes, clothes and all sorts of other stuff. But soon Xbox fans and others will be able to try out how the Xbox doughnut tastes.

Krispy Kreme has partnered up with Xbox to create a new limited edition doughnut called “The Nexus Level“. It’s made with “irresistible light and fluffy dough with a rich and gooey brownie batter, dipped in icing and decorated with the iconic Xbox Nexus design”.

The new Xbox doughnut is available in the UK and Ireland from 2 August to 22 August in Krispy Kreme stores.

If you purchase your promotional dozen you get one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with each initial entry and chance to win Xbox Series S console.

Krispy Kreme also released a promotional video that parodies Microsoft’s Xbox Series X reveal trailer.


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