Catch up with old friends and new enemies in the newest Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer

With the Darkness pressing in, characters from the past come forward as new threats emerge.

The Exo Stranger makes her first appearance since the fall of the Black Garden. Eramis seeks the Darkness to return her people to glory. Variks comes with a warning for Guardians, always the uneasy ally. Eris Morn is pulled closer to Europa, tempted by the knowledge of Stasis. The Drifter has survival as his compass, using his skills as a smooth talker, scavenger and hustler.

Distrust is growing even among friends – a divide that will call into question all we know. Is there more to the Darkness than we thought?

Destiny 2: Beyond Light arrives on 10 November, when Guardians everywhere will embrace the darkness.

You can find more information on the Characters and Lore of Destiny 2: Beyond Light here. For more information about Destiny 2: Beyond Light, please click here.

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