Dr. Disrespect is an embarrassingly bad Valorant player and sore loser

Last week, Dr Disrespect fans and other streamers once again had a lot of laughter. This time the reason was his embarrassingly low rank in Valorant and his reaction to it.

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, who gained fame after streaming in a public bathroom at the LA Convention Centre during E3, made a bet of 100 subscribers with another popular streamer TimTheTatman on which one of them would be placed in the highest league after completing their VALORANT placement matches. After bragging about how good player he is and how other player does not have chance, the results were all the more embarrassing.

After the placement matches, it turned out that TimTheTatman made it to the Valorant Silver 2 league, but Dr Disrespect were able to reach only Bronze 3, this is almost the lowest league in Valorant ranking system. Such a low rank is a rather embarrassing result for a player and streamer like Dr Disrespect, who often makes fun of other players and streamers and considers himself better than them.

However, Dr Disrespect kept his word and gifted his competition 100 subs poured out his anger on Riot’s game and uninstalled it, and promised that he would never play it again.

Other popular streamers, like Ninja and Shroud didn’t miss this opportunity to make fun of him. In response, Dr Disrespect unfollowed both of them on Twitter.

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