Fortnite Sentry Locations

Fortnite got a new set of challenges and one of the first challenges is that you have to destroy Sentry Cameras or Sentry Turrets, five in total.

This time you can’t do challenges in Battle Lab or Team Rumble, you have to play a normal game. There are five “spy” locations on the map – The Rig, The Yacht, The Shark, The Grotto and The Agency.

The smartest and easiest way is to ignore Sentry Turrets because they shoot you back and they have more life than Sentry Cameras. In addition, Sentry Cameras are much easier to find. One of the best places for this challenge is the Yacht, there are cameras very close to each other and all you have to do is move from corner to corner and destroy the cameras. It should take a few minutes at most.

At the same time, it’s worth remembering that when security cameras notice you, you have to deal with Henchmans, not to mention other players who also want to do this challenge.

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