Fortnite: How to kill TNTina and get Mythic Boom Bow

Fortnite players can kill now TNTina and grab her Boom Bow. If you’ve not seen her yet, that’s probably because you haven’t been to The Rig.

So where is TNTina and how to kill her?

  1. When you jump off the Battle Bus head for The Rig
  2. Land on top of the white building numbered as 3
  3. make a hole and jump inside the building
  4. Grab whatever weapon you can find there and jump outside
  5. Now, use the door to enter the building
  6. Takedown the henchmen who are waiting you inside
  7. Carry henchmen upstairs and use ID scanner chest
  8. Take your stuff from the chest
  9. Head downstairs and kill TNTina
  10. Try to aim for the head because headshots will do more damage
  11. Once TNTina is dead, pick up her Boom Bow and The Rig keycard, which you can use to open the vault.

There aren’t many tricks you can use to defeat TNTina, but try to use the doors as cover. Once you get her Boom Bow, you can do some serious damage to your opponents but be sure that you are not running out of ammo. If you use Boom Bow and ammo wisely, you should have no problem to get your Victory Royale.

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