Free Golden Keys for Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software latest blockbuster game Borderlands 3 is finally out. A wild world with new hordes of enemies and over a billion guns is waiting for you. But the fastest way to access legendary guns is with Golden Keys. Here you can have three free Golden Keys!

All you have to do is go to the Shift website and enter the code there to get 3 Golden Keys. If you still don’t know – what’s wrong with you, on what planet you have lived all this time that you have not heard about Shift website??? – where you can find Shift website, click here. Then sign up and link your user with Shift account.

Once it’s done and your Shift account is liked with a right platform, you can double-check it when you select from the menu “Gaming Platforms”, select “Rewards” from the menu and enter the codes below:


You can choose whether to use Golden Keys in Borderlands 2 or 3 – since you want to use them in Borderlands 3, choose Borderlands 3! And the next time when you log in to your game you have more Golden Keys to use. Enjoy!

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