Daemon x Machina – How To Beat The Final Boss

Do you have problems with the last boss (The Dominator) in Daemon x Machina? You get through the whole game without any issues but once reaching the last boss, something is not quite right? You’re stuck there for hours or even days now? When you fight with him you run out of ammo and even if you hit his weak spots you barely make any difference at all. What’s the trick here? Don’t worry anymore, you’re in the right place, I’ll help you.

First, use Bazooka type weapons, they are more effective than other weapons. Also, having Devotion (Support Shoulder Weapon, instantly recovers VP) is recommended here.

But the real trick here is that the bottom part of the arena has multiple objects you can pick up and throw at the boss. These objects cause significant damage. If you use these things, the fight should be over quickly.

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