Amouranth was banned for showing her genitals on Twitch

Popular streamer Amouranth reached a new goal of 200 new subscribers and decided to make ASMR video with her dog. During the live stream, she was rolling on the ground with her dog and then her shorts fall to the side and since Amouranth does not wear panties, viewers saw her pussy.

Viewers informed Amouranth that her shorts could not cover her genitals, but several viewers had already recorded the video and shared it via social media. In Reddit, this video has already received almost 19k upvote.

Amouranth pussy slip on stream (credit to u/Hoesmad_WideHardo on r/TwitchGoneWild) from r/LivestreamFail

Amouranth channel on Twitch is now banned, but considering that bigger Twitch channels never got ban for a long time, she would be back after week or two.

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