Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch to a New Model for Free

The new Nintendo Switch with better battery life is now in stores. And if you bought the old model after July 17th you might be able to upgrade to the newer model for free. Nintendo confirmed that if you live in the US and Canada and you bought the old model recently, they will swap it to a newer model.

For everyone else, I recommend checking your local gaming store, like GameStop to see what TRADE-IN offers they have. You may be able to trade in your original Nintendo Switch and with some extra money to upgrade to the latest model.

Also, when you go to the store to buy the new Nintendo Switch model, be careful because many retailers are still selling the older model. If you want to buy the new Nintendo Switch model – look at the box. The New box has a red background, whereas the older boxes have a white background. Also the new model’s serial number should start with “XKW”.

How to upgrade to the new Nintendo Switch for free

  1. First, figure out whether you bought your Nintendo Switch on or after 17 July 2019.
  2. Then, contact Nintendo customer service and enter your information. Or, you can dial 1-800-255-3700 in the US.
  3. When speaking with a Nintendo customer representative, ask for a free upgrade, they will guide you further on what to do.

The offer is available ONLY in US and Canada!

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