Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass details

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been out on Nintendo Switch for a while now, but if you want to get even deeper with the game you should buy the Expansion Pass.

So let’s look closely what the Expansion Pass offers to us and when we can expect new DLCs.

  • Wave 1: Officers Academy outfits for female and male Byleth available Day 1 (July 26th)
  • Wave 2: Additional Auxiliary battle maps, helpful in-game support items, and more will be released by 10/31/2019
  • Wave 3: Additional quests and costumes will be released by 12/31/2019; plus, another free update
  • Wave 4: Discover new story content, with additional playable characters, locations and more will be released by 4/30/2020; plus, another free update

I am very excited to see these new characters and new content, but what about you? Is this content worth your money and your time? Leave your comment here or below the video.

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