Lifehack – How To Get 3 Years Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Cheaper Than Usual

During the E3 2019 press conference, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold into one convenient membership for the low monthly price of €12.99/$14.99. New members and existing Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for Console members can get their first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just €1/$1.

A while back, Xbox users discovered that if you have pre-paid Xbox Live Gold months left, you’ll get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate credit for all of those months when you upgrade. Now, rather than attempting to hide and fix it, Microsoft has officially embraced it, highlighting the steps required to make some big savings on its Xbox Wire page.

If you have an existing Xbox Live Gold subscription, whatever remaining time you have left on your Gold subscription automatically gets converted into Game Pass Ultimate when you apply the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer to your Microsoft account. As an example, if you have 6 months of Xbox Live Gold and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass on your account, upgrading with the €1/$1 upgrade will give you a total of 10 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

  • Start at your main Microsoft account page.
  • Go to the “Services and Subscriptions” tab at the top of the page — this will show which subscriptions you currently have on your account.
  • Before applying the “one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1” deal to your account, extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription by buying additional months (up to 36 months).
  • Now, once you’ve extended your Xbox Live Gold subscription to the desired length, it’s finally time to add the “one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1” deal.
  • Once that deal is applied to your account, your Xbox Live Gold subscription will be converted to Game Pass Ultimate — and Game Pass Ultimate will be available for the length of your Live Gold subscription.

“We hope that these tips helped and that you are able to enjoy many years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for one low, low price. It’s one of the best deals in gaming,” wrote Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief.

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