Easter food

Easter is coming and it’s time to figure out what to eat during Easter period. And of course, I’m discussing it with my children what we should make and eat. This led me to a discussion with my younger son this morning.

I asked my younger son, “What we eat at Easter?” and then I suggested that maybe we could make a rabbit stew.

He looked at me with reproving face and said, “It’s cruel”.

I asked, “Why,” and offered, “maybe chicken then?”

He thought about it a little bit and said, “Maybe,” and a few moments later decided, “no, it’s also not nice.”

“Maybe lamb then?” I continued.

This time he took a longer pause to think about it and some time later he said, “Maybe… I don’t know… maybe not”.

I thought of myself that this thing is going to look like we are going to eat chocolate eggs and carrots this Easter.

Later I remembered that I should have asked about boiled eggs and about one of his favorite foods, scrambled eggs. So when I collected him from School later, I asked him, “What about boiled eggs and scrambled eggs?”

“Scrambled eggs are good,” he approved immediately.

“But chicks?” I was surprised. “Eggs are unborn chicks, all these unborn chicks, beaten, cooked and eaten?”

“Don’t be silly dad,” he said, “these are eggs, most of them would never become chicks.”

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