Borderlands 3 is finally official and got it’s first trailer

Borderlands fans have been waiting for the new Borderlands game for years. Finally, after all these years, rumors and teasers, Gearbox finally confirmed Borderlands 3’s existence. Although they did not share many details about the game, we did get a good look at first gameplay trailer.

We’ll be shooting things up in various locations, have four new characters, new villains, over a billion weapons, some guns even walks on two legs and NPCs from the earlier games – Lilith, Tiny Tina, Kincaid, Sir Hammerlock, Mordecai, and others.

The release date wasn’t announced today, but according to Take-Two Borderlands 3 is coming out sometime before March 31, 2020. Some sources refer to November 2019.

As announced at the panel, more details about Borderlands 3 will be revealed on April 3.

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